Classens Have – Classen’s Garden

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Classens Have is the name of a garden between Classensgade and Arendalsgade in Copenhagen, Denmark. The current garden and the surrounding building was laid out and constructed on land, which was acquired in 1884.

It was built by the city’s gardener Valdemar Fabricius Hansen in 1925 in connection with the housing complex Ved Classens Have, which was built 1922-24. This is a neoclassical masterpiece and a listed building .

In this lush fairytale garden, located in the shadow of the residential blocks, is a playground for toddlers.

The garden is almost a secret place that invites you to a trip with a blanket and a good book.

The place does have a dramatic past – in 1807 the garden was the scene of fighting between Danish and British soldiers during the British attempt to lay siege to Copenhagen. This event was called the upshot at Classens Have.

Classens Have is named after the manufacturer and general Johan Frederik Classen (1725-1792), whose estate was here. A memorial obelisk was raised for him in the garden March 24, 1942.

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