Fælledparken – The Common Park

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Fælledparken is a public park in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was created 1906–1914 by landscape architect Edvard Glæsel in cooperation with the Copenhagen Municipality. The origin of Fælledparken is Østerfælled, which was one of Copenhagen commons i.e. common grazing land for cattle.

Now Fælledparken is used for walking, sunbathing, running, playgrounds, soccer training and matches on the courts marked on the grass, Copenhagen’s Historic Grand Prix (auto racing with old cars), Labour Day demonstration with speeches by politicians on May 1st, concerts and celebrations such as yearly carnival. There is also the Café Pavilionen.

Fælledparken lies adjacent to Parken, which is the Danish national soccer stadium.

In 2009 the old Skatepark from 1899 in fælledparken was renovated, and is now called Fælledparken Skatepark. The new skatepark is build to be useful for beginners, as well as advanced and professional skaters.

Mayor Jens Jensen was instrumental in the creation of this oasis and planted the first tree in the park April 26, 1909.

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