Glyptotekshaven – The Glyptotek Garden

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Glyptotekshaven (English: The Glyptotek Garden) is a small oasis in Copenhagen just five minutes walk from the Central Station. It is located beside the Glyptotek, which is a large museum with many paintings and classical sculptures.

The garden runs along the Glyptotek’s southernmost building. The shape of the gardens is tight and precise as the buildings of the Glyptotek.

In the garden there are mighty sculptures that stand in startling contrast to the garden’s summer blooming ease. All the numerous summer flowers are surrounded by two parallel bands of boxwood.

There are many “spider flowers” – Cleome spinosa – that constantly sets new flowers at the top of the flower stems. They never fade out but become more and more spectacular as the flower stems become higher. Another summer flower is verbena bonariensis that can be two meters high. Where it stands close, it is as a veil of floating, small, blue-purple flowers.

Here and there are located a few yellow dahlias, lime colored ornamental tobacco and yellow coreopsis. The yellow color gives vivacity and a floating lightness of flowers sea.

The Glyptotek garden is open all day long, and you can just walk into it.

In the garden are large sculptures, in particular  “The Thinker” by Auguste Rodin in the middle.

In the east end is the sculpture “Mother Love” by Constantin Meuner. Here everything reeks of love, peace and well-being.

In the west end is the contrast with the peaceful, namely “Troll smell Christian blood” of Niels Hansen-Jacobsen from 1896. The sculpture is as genuine Halloween, pure thrill! In today’s world it can definitely give some associations to the real world.

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