Østre Anlæg – Eastern Park

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Østre Anlæg is a public park in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The 10 hectares area was once part of the old city fortifications. The park was created in 1870 by landscape architect H.A. Flindt, who also designed Ørstedsparken and Botanisk Have.

The park lies between The National Art Museum (Statens Museum for Kunst) at the southern end, and Oslo Plads and Østerport Station at the northern end. The Hirschsprung Collection of art is located at the western end.

There are three lakes in this park, they were previously part of the moat system.

In Østre Anlæg you can really experience a part of the old fortifications, because the old ramparts with their steep slopes are very well preserved. For those who want to enjoy nature and experience the changing seasons the park can provide it all. There are beautiful lakes, old trees, numerous bushes, the birch grove, Pückler’s Bastion and the special gardens.

The trees are mostly native species, many of which are more than 100 years old.

The birch grove (Birkelunden) is a magnificent landscape dominated area with herbal plants, vild perennials and various grasses.

Pückler’s Bastion is located between the moat and the railroad. Just here the original ramparts, with their steep slopes and flat plateau are clearly seen. On the plateau there are tables, benches and barbecue areas, where you can bring your own lunch and enjoy a good meal in the green.

Østre Anlæg has its own sheltered rose garden where you can enjoy the tranquility and the flowers.

Another plant garden is the rhododendron garden, which was designed in 1947. It is a gift from the Dutch people as a thank for the help during WW2. In the brief period when it is in full flower it is a magnificent experience.

Østre Anlæg is also a haven for children. Many child care centers and schools regularly visit the natural embossed plants both to play, experience nature and learn about it. There will always be room for the kids in Østre Anlæg. Shortly after dismantling the military installations in 1870 the first public playground in Copenhagen was established. Now there are three playgrounds in Østre Anlæg.

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