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Dr. Erik Christensen’s Information Site

This website includes information about me and about subjects I like and find interesting or important.

I live in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark. You will find information about my city and especially about its parks and green spaces.

I am very fond of music, so I have included information about my favorite jazz musicians and the best classical composers with videos of their best music.

I am also very fond of humor. I have included pages with videos presenting some of the very best humorists: Victor Borge, Charlie Chaplin and Tom Lehrer.

You will also find pages with persons I find highly inspiring like the poet Piet Hein, the superb writer of espionage fiction Ted Allbeury, the painter Paul Fischer and the adventurer Thor Heyerdahl.

As one of my interests is computer programming you will find pages with source code and also with statistics. Here you can get a quick, but quite comprehensive overview of the essential statistical concepts and methods with links to online calculation pages.

There are pages on nature and patterns in nature, which I find truly fascinating.

A special neVibeke's Artwork Logow addition is Vibeke’s Artwork. Here you can see a large collection of artwork, which you can purchase at a low price for download to your computer.

The website includes other subjects as well as you can see if you explore the menu. There may be an ECstep for you.

This site is in constant development. I will gradually expand the site to include more important and popular topics.

The pages are responsive – they adapt to your screen’s size. So they are easy to read on any screen (computer, tablet or mobile). Please note that some YouTube videos on a page may not be visible in some countries.

Good luck and thanks for visiting!

My other websites: Know Facts About Nutrition and Sudoku Instructions.